Aerospace Structural Integrity, Inc.
ASI deals with non-Aerospace clients, as well.  In many cases managers recognize that aerospace-style technology can provide the best cost-efficient solutions to their issues.

ASI Products

NDT Solutions, Troubleshooting & Failure Analysis

NDT is seldom a long term solution to a structural problem.  However, it can provide relatively fast remedial action, it can be a gauge for the effectiveness of a redesign solution, and redirection and/or redesign of normal QA inspections may be required.  ASI can analyze an issue and quickly apply the best resources to provide NDT relief and put a system back into service.    

NDT Reliability Demsonstration Specimens, Experimental Design & Analysis

Very few organizations have intimate knowledge of NDT reliability demonstration processes.  The ASI team has been a primary resource for the Aerospace Industry for over 30 years.  The founder/president was a co-author of the recent update of USAF MIL-HDBK-1823 (Revision A).  Potential services include:


Consultation to determine if a statistically-based study is appropriate.


Design and fabrication of specimens that comply with MIL-HDBK-1823, Rev. A


Design of the reliability study test matrix


Conduct inspector interviews and perform on-site demonstration


Data analysis and presentation 




All specimens and inserted flaw populations are designed to meet MIL-HDBK-1823, Rev. A criteria.


Machining and pre-flaw installation are done using certified aerospace processes.


Fatigue specimens are cracked using tools and procedures that have been proven for over a decade.


Pre-flaw removal & final machining are performed to meet recognized Aerospace surface finish standards.


Final flaw documentation and initial NDT are performed to impeccable standards that leave no question regarding validity or quantification of the inserted flaws.