ASI has its roots in the high technology business of gas turbine engine and Space propulsion production and overhaul.

About ASI



ASI leads a consortium of small businesses which is capable of bringing to bear the best NDT tools to solve a structural issue, or design and fabricate specialized NDT specimens at minimal expense to the client.  By using a consortium approach, only those talents that are necessary are brought into cost consideration.  Quality of talent is not sacrificed, and all NDT specimens are designed and fabricated in compliance with USAF MIL-HDBK-1823, Rev. A.  Members of the consortium include Martin MetLabs (highest quality full-service metallographic and applied mechanics laboratory), Atlantic Precision (fully certified Aerospace design and component machine shop), Mar-Test (a world leader in applied mechanics laboratories), WesDyne-International (expert design and manufacture of portable, automated NDT systems), and others.  The founder/president of ASI is J. Steve Cargill, who has managed development of NDT systems and provided NDT solutions for Aerospace structural problems for over 39 years.  Excerpts from his professional resume are shown below.                 



Through ASI, Mr. Cargill provides mechanical and nondestructive test (NDT) engineering expertise to the United States Department of Defense, NASA, aircraft and engine manufacturers, parts suppliers, and inspection equipment specialists.  Specific areas of interest and experience include NDT technique development, design and performance of statistically-based NDT reliability studies and associated hardware, development of Government structural integrity programs, guidance for production and depot inspections, field investigations and inspection trouble-shooting.


Unique Qualifications:


1.        Founder of ASI, a Florida-based corporation that provides mechanical engineering and consultation services to the U.S. government, aerospace companies and other industries.

2.        Organizer and leader of the Pratt & Whitney (P&W) Florida NDT development and application organization for 27 years.

3.        Responsible for the P&W Engine Component Retirement for Cause exploratory development and manufacturing technology programs.

4.        Recognized as a primary resource for the United States Air Force (USAF) F100-PW-229 Engine Structural Integrity Program manufacturing inspection demonstrations, in compliance with MIL-HDBK-1823, “Nondestructive Evaluation System Reliability Assessment”.

5.        Developed and managed the USAF “F119-PW-100 Engineering and Manufacturing Development Program Nondestructive Evaluation Reliability Demonstration Plan”.

6.        Recognized as a primary resource for NASA MSFC-STD-1249 inspection demonstration activities for Pratt & Whitney’s Space Shuttle Main Engine alternate turbo-pump programs.

7.        Elected “Fellow” of American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) in 1997.

8.        Chairman of ASNT National Technical and Education Council for three years; Chairman of NDT Reliability Studies Committee for five years.


Career Experience:


2000 to Present: founder of ASI.  Current/recent programs include:

  • Provide engineering expertise and “lessons learned” experience for the USAF “Engine Rotor Life Extension” Program, a major manufacturing technology effort.
  • Design and manufacture NDT technique development specimens for NASA/Langley’s research & development laboratory
  • Assist Piper Aircraft with development of inspection for a novel adhesive bonding technique that is used on the prototype “PiperJet”. 
  • Assist Jet Avion with development of braze bond inspections. 
  • Design and manufacture NDT reliability study specimens for USAF, Pratt & Whitney and Honeywell, and Siemens. 
  • Develop suggested NDE technology development roadmaps for AFRL. 
  • Assist the USAF materials laboratory in an effort to develop and implement a new inspection technology, called “Sonic Infrared NDT”.
  • Working as a “senior engineering resource” for Concurrent Technologies Corporation, assist with development of corrosion NDT technology for U.S. Army weapons systems.


1995 – 2000 : responsible for design and administration the Pratt & Whitney (P&W) F119 Engine Power Plant Structural Integrity Program Nondestructive Evaluation Plan, NDT implementation, and inspection reliability demonstrations.  Transitioned to Joint Strike Fighter planning.  Manager of NDT Development and Applications Group until voluntarily leaving P&W.


1990 – 1995 : managed organization and supervision of a state-of-the-art NDT field response team to provide fast, non-interfering service to USAF and Foreign Military Service customers, who demanded minimal down-time for engine problems.  Manager of NDT research, development and applications for P&W Government engines.  Included supervisory responsibility for forty-one engineers and technicians.